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Wheel alignments

Wheel alignments are important for many reasons, including safety and money.   When we talk about wheel alignment, we are referring to the fact that all four wheels are supposed to be lined up and pointed in the same direction. When one or more wheel goes out of alignment and is pulling against the rest of the team, this can cause excessive tire wear, hurt fuel economy and can cause other ride issues and trouble. When your wheels are out of alignment, they can pull to one side, sometimes pretty hard.  One brief moment of inattention and your steering wheel can pull your car into on-coming traffic or off the road.

Let’s start with the effect on your tires. A bad alignment will chew up your tires very quickly.  When a tire does not point straight with the vehicle and it is forced down the road out of alignment, you are basically dragging that out of alignment tire (or tires) down the road and we all know that being dragged down the road by your car is not a good thing.  We see uneven tire wear quite frequently while servicing vehicles for our customers and it is the easiest way to spot that you need alignment service for your vehicle.  Any time you see uneven tire wear, there is a reason. It could be loose, bent or broken suspension parts, or just out of alignment. Either way, once the tires start to wear out unevenly there is no way to stop them. 

Some of the best ways to prevent this are to rotate your tires regularly and have the suspension inspected to catch any problems early and to get an alignment when you get new tires and/or new suspension parts.  At Jammin’ J Automotive, we include free tire rotation when you purchase new tires from us.  Also, we keep track of your vehicle history and will partner with you to help you to remember to do the things that need to be done regularly to keep your tires in good working condition as long as possible.  When buying new tires, ask about an alignment, it is a small investment to lengthen the life of your tires.

During an alignment service at Jammin' J Automotive, we will inspect the steering and suspension components that control your tire positioning. Whatever caused the wheels to be knocked out of alignment in the first place; hitting a curb or maybe a broken or worn steering control part, may have also damaged a series of important parts. We will need to replace broken or bent parts to complete the alignment service.  Aligning a vehicle with bent, worn or damaged parts is not a good idea.

Give us a call at Jammin’ J Automotive to have your alignment done and we will find the cause, fix it and complete the alignment.   Here are some things to look for that should get you in for an alignment check right away: Your vehicle is pulling to one side, your steering wheel isn't centered, or if you see unusual tire wear.