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check engine light 1Check Engine Light St. Louis Auto Repair
Check Engine Light on?  Feel lost and afraid of what may happen next?  You aren’t the only one.
Our vehicles have an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system that can generate over 500 engine-performance-related trouble codes.  And thanks to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) there is now a standardized system of codes and connections so that we can see what code is causing the light to come on.
Some discount auto parts stores and retail sellers are offering a ‘free code scan’ or a way to cheaply buy a reader to see the trouble code for yourself.  This is somewhat misleading.  While it is nice to know that the light is on for an Error Code such as P0442. Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (small leak), it really doesn’t tell us anything except where to start looking for the problem.  Code readers at this level don’t do anything but spew out a code and the standardized label for that code. They don’t show you how to test each component in the system that has the problem to see where exactly the problem lies.  We can use Google and Facebook and ask our friends, but ultimately, that check engine light isn’t going out for good until the problem is correctly diagnosed and the problem repaired.
This is where the fear takes over, “How expensive will it be?” “How long will it take to find the cause of the problem?”  “Is there more than one code setting the light on?” We understand how you feel.  Our technicians attend ongoing training to keep up with testing procedures for modern vehicles.  We have several state of the art computer driven diagnostic Tools that speak to the different computers that run your vehicle’s systems.  Yes, this process can end up being costly. Yes, the equipment involved in just figuring out the problem is expensive.  Here at Jammin’ J Auto, we have standardized testing fees and a promise to you that we will keep you updated during the process to keep your costs reasonable and you in the loop.
Our goal during the Testing process is to provide you with the best plan to repair the real problem that turned on the light to prevent repeat problems and to keep your vehicle running safely for the long term.
We don’t go to the Doctor with a sore foot and tell the Doctor that he can’t X-ray it or run any tests, that we just want the cheapest guess and quickest fix.  We trust that the Doctor wants to get to the bottom of the problem and that there may be additional information from a lab that can help to better diagnose a problem and give us a plan to recovery.  Addressing a check engine light on your car is a lot like this.  The light comes on because something in a system isn’t doing what the computer expects it to do.  Sometimes it is something random, or something relatively unimportant, but sometimes it is very important and sometimes, if left on its own, it is something catastrophic.
Don’t worry about that light.  Give Jammin’ J Auto a call and explain to our helpful Service Advisor what light is on and give us all the details.  Let them walk you through the process and let us and our technicians put together an honest plan of action to not only turn off that light, but keep it from coming back on.