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Fleet Management St. Louis Auto Repair
If you are the owner of a small to medium sized business that is trying to maintain a fleet of vehicles, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our shop to you.  Jammin’ J Auto has been in business in the Overland community for over 10 years.  We have partnered with businesses of varying sizes to help fulfill their needs to keep their fleets on the road where they belong.

When you purchase tires from Jammin’ J Auto, we will take into account the purpose of the vehicle that the tires will go on and help you find the best value tire for that vehicle.  Our tire prices are all inclusive so that you don’t have any surprises at pickup with additional charges.  We also include free flat repair, free rotations and many of our best value tires include a road hazard warranty.

Technical Knowledge:
We have several Safety and Emissions Certified Technicians that attend monthly training classes to keep up-to-date on the technology of the current vehicles of today. Not only does our shop have the equipment to fix your vehicles, our technicians have invested in the right tools to get the job done and take pride in getting the job done right.

At Jammin’ J Auto, our goal is to keep your vehicles running effectively for the longest period of time.  Several of our personal and fleet vehicles have reached in excess of 250,000 miles and are still running as daily drivers.  We want you to get your money’s worth from every dollar spent at Jammin’ J Auto.  We will not recommend work that is not needed and we understand that each vehicle in your fleet will have different expectations as to its specific use and we will work with you to reach those goals.

Yes, we can do trailer repair.  Wheels, tires, axle repair/replacement, brakes, lighting, welding and wiring issues are all within our experience and we know how to keep your trailers working properly and safely. 

At Jammin’ J Auto, we can work with your business to keep the continuity of your business flowing.  Many times, the driver of the vehicle is not the one that makes the decisions or pays the bills and we get that.  We can send invoices electronically or however you want them delivered to best fit in your Accounts Payable system.  We prefer payment at time of service, but are willing to extend some credit as well to qualified businesses.

Online Fleet Management Systems:
Many fleets utilize an online Fleet Management System to help keep their costs managed.  These include companies like Enterprise, Mike Albert and others.  Jammin’ J Auto is an authorized repair shop for these and more.  We are able to step right in and communicate directly with your online Fleet Management representatives and keep repairs moving.

With our after/before hours drop off and pickup and delivery within a 5 mile radius, we are available as a trusted partner to keep your fleet running.
We understand how important it is for your vehicles to stay in top shape at a fair price and want to be the ones that you trust to get and keep them that way. Come on by and give us a try! We would like you to consider us as a potential place to have your vehicles serviced and maintained.
Fleet references available upon request.
Give us a call or Email at 314.423.3876