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Tire Replacement Service

New Tires St. Louis Auto Repair2012 12 18 17 33 41 678Tire Replacement Service at Jammin’ J Auto is something we take very seriously.
Let’s start with Tire sizing and how it works and where to find the information for your vehicle.  There are 3 places you should be able to find the manufacturer recommended tire size, first, the owner’s manual, next there should be a durable decal inside your driver’s door with tire size and recommended air pressure and lastly – the place most people look first, on the tires themselves.  However, if you did not purchase your vehicle new, it is best to double check the tire sizing from the actual tires on the door decal to verify that what is on the vehicle is correct.

A typical tire size looks something like this:   P215/65R15   or    LT245/70R17
The letter at the beginning indicates use (P – passenger vehicle or LT-Light Truck) and the first number indicates the width of the tire in millimeters.  After the slash is the aspect ratio, % of tire width or basically, the height of the tire sidewall in millimeters and the R indicates it is a Radial tire; which most are these days.  The final number is for the diameter of the wheel that tire will fit and this one is in inches.  All of this information is necessary to get accurate tire pricing.  Some high performance tires or special use tires will have additional information and codes on the tire sizing for tires that have more specific uses, such as ratings for higher speeds or heavier loads for larger trucks.

At Jammin’ J Auto we will work with you to find the tire that not only fits the recommendations for your vehicle, but also take into account your driving style and main use of your vehicle.  For instance, someone driving a car on construction sites all day may need a different tread pattern than someone who only drives on pavement or on the highway and desires as smooth a ride as possible. We also will recommend excellent quality tires without the big name price which means a better value for you!

When we place new tires on your car, we will register the purchase of the tires with the manufacturer so you will be notified of any recalls in the future.  We will let you know what warranties are on the tires and we can even offer a separate Road Hazard warranty (at a small additional cost) if the manufacturer does not offer it.

We want you to get full use of your tires; so that means, for new tires purchased at Jammin’ J Auto in sets of 2 or 4, we will always give pricing that includes a full service package of free rotations and free flat repair for the life of the tires at no additional cost to you.  We will make recommendations based on the current alignment of your wheels and may recommend an alignment at the time of installation which can also lengthen the life of your tires.  See our Alignment page for more information about this service.

Regular rotations, keeping your tires properly inflated and getting flats repaired correctly (see our information on that on the Tire Repair page), keeping your steering and suspension parts in good shape, and keeping your wheels in alignment are all integral to the longevity of your tires.  At Jammin’ J Auto, we will work with you to put together a long term plan to get the most out of your tire dollar and keep you safe on the road.