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Fuel Induction Service

imag0197As our vehicles become more and more high tech, small things can have a large effect on the vehicle’s performance. With more and more systems being monitored and controlled with onboard computer systems, it is more importaFuel Induction Service St. Louis Auto Repairnt than ever to do the things that help keep your vehicle performing at its best. Fuel injection is one of these technical processes that can make or break the performance of your vehicle. And it keeping that system clean can help make all the difference.
As we drive and burn fossil fuels (dead dinosaurs) they leave behind carbon: black, restricting, choking, carbon. Without proper maintenance the fuel injection system on your car can easily start under-performing in as little as 3,000 or 5,000 miles due to a buildup of this carbon.  This is especially true on Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engines. GDI engines spray their fuel directly into the cylinder which gives the engine a more efficient combustion process which gives the engine increased performance and fuel economy. Since these engines spray directly into the cylinder they lack the spraying of the cleaning additives in the fuel that normally clean their intake valve, this creates carbon build up on the valve which over time can build up and flake off causing scratching of the cylinder which is bad for the engine.
Here at Jammin’ J Auto, our technicians are trained in the methods and on the specific equipment needed to flush this system properly with the right fuel induction cleaner to remove these unwanted carbon deposits that diminish performance.
Does your vehicle need this service?  Are you noticing a decrease in fuel economy, power loss, is your vehicle hard to start, making small pinging or knocking noises, more emissions out the tailpipe or even maybe a rough running engine when just sitting at idle?  If you are, this may be the service your vehicle needs to get back on track.  When our Trained Technicians determine that an Induction Cleaning is recommended for your vehicle, the procedure will clean fuel injectors, throttle body, air intake, intake valves and ports, remove combustion chamber deposits and help to correct the balance of fuel and air internally in the engine.
For more details of the process, visit our Blog here.
For best results, it is recommended to perform this Fuel/Air Induction Service every 15,000 miles.  As a registered Distributor of BG Products, Jammin’ J Auto can perform this service.  Give our Service Writer a call to get more information and to schedule a vehicle evaluation.  Also, ask about 6 months of complimentary roadside assistance when you purchase a BG service at participating shops.