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Diagnostic St. Louis Auto Repairdiagnose equip 1Diagnostics is a general term.  We think of a Diagnosis in Medical cases where a Physician is given your symptoms and they will take X-rays, ask for blood work and other tests to be completed to get to know what is going on with your body and determine what the problem is. Diagnosis with a vehicle can be a very similar process, even though many people may not think we apply the same system to vehicle problem diagnosis.
For example, with a Check Engine Light that has illuminated on your dash, our technicians at Jammin’ J Auto have a procedure to follow every time to help clarify what the situation requires.  After visual inspection and test drive of the vehicle, test equipment is used to speak to the vehicle’s computer to see what codes may be set or the history of the codes that have set in the past.  Manufacturer Service Bulletins are researched, the physical components are visually inspected and other related systems are reviewed and inspected.  During this time, if the problem can be determined, then we can recommend the appropriate repair.  If it requires further testing and research, then the customer is notified and we start a new level of testing that looks at electronic testing of individual components and the wiring that powers it.
For other problems that may seem less complicated to diagnose, there are still appropriate systems to follow to determine the source of the problem.  Most problems, such as vibrations, weird noises, and pulling of the car from one direction while driving, will at minimum require a test drive by a qualified Technician and putting the car up on an automotive lift for a time to inspect the wheels, brakes, and suspension parts as a beginning.  Worn or loose parts can cause other parts to become damaged and worn prematurely, so an overall inspection of the vehicle at regular intervals can be very important to the long term health of your vehicle.  For example, worn steering and suspension parts can cause wheels to fall out of alignment which can cause premature and uneven wear of your tires.  When a vehicle comes in with uneven wear of a tire, it is not a good idea to just replace the tire without determining why the tire is worn out that way or your new tire will wear just as quickly as or even faster than the last one.
At Jammin’ J Auto, we strive to create lifetime relationships with you and your vehicle.  Our system of thorough vehicle inspections will help to find most problems before they become an emergency.  With regular oil changes and maintenance schedules, our goal is to keep your vehicle running at 100,000 and even 200,000 miles and more.  Consistency of these inspections, and keeping the main systems flushed and clean will help you get the most of your vehicle for the longest time.  Give our friendly Service Representative a call today to schedule an inspection of your vehicle to help put together a long term maintenance schedule.