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Custom Exhaust System

Custom Exhaust System St. Louis Auto Repair The Exhaust System performs several important functions.  It quiets engine operation by muffling (or reducing) the sound of exhaust gases shooting out of the exhaust ports of the cylinder heads and also carries exhaust gases from the engine to the rear of the vehicle without leakage.  If exhaust gases were to leak out under the floor pan, toxic exhaust fumes could be pulled into the vents and passenger compartment.  The makes proper exhaust system repair extremely important.
The Exhaust System includes parts such as the Exhaust Manifold, the Catalytic Converter which converts the exhaust gases from a toxic combination into a safer combination of CO2 and H20 and a series of pipes, through the Muffler and then taking it all out the Tailpipe.
After the toxic gases are removed, more pipes move the exhaust to the Muffler.  The Muffler is a sheet metal chamber that dampens pressure pulsations to reduce exhaust noise by running the exhaust through a system of baffles, chambers and tubes.  There are many different kinds of Mufflers available to create as quiet or as full an exhaust noise as a customer would prefer.   Most of the differences between the mufflers are in the materials used in the baffles and the different configurations of the chambers inside to isolate certain tones and/or eliminate other unwanted tones. At Jammin’ J Auto we specialize in customization of this part of your vehicle and can help provide an experience you can be pleased with.  Whether it is just a stock replacement, a repair, as quiet as possible, or something a little richer for a truck or performance vehicle, we can help.
We are registered dealers of Flowmaster and Magnaflow Mufflers and here at Jammin’ J Auto, we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the best Muffler for you and your vehicle.  We are able to see how your Exhaust System is currently functioning, and make recommendations based upon your vehicle, whether it is a daily commuter or a high performance hot rod, and help you get to where you want to be and still keep things in line with your budget. The correct choice of Muffler may not only give you the experience that you can enjoy, it may also assist with engine performance and even improve fuel economy.
Attached to the end of the system will be one or two tailpipes that carry the exhaust to the rear of the vehicle, the tailpipe(s) should extend as far as the rear body line of the car or the bumper.  These tailpipes can develop leaks over time and may need to be replaced or repaired, depending upon the placement and extent of the breach.  The tailpipe tips can also be customized for color and shape to get just the right effect.
Give us a call at 314.423.3876 to schedule a thorough inspection of your Exhaust System on our lift and look over the entire system to create a Custom Exhaust plan that you can love every time you turn the key.