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If you ask about who is the leading auto repair company in St. Louis, the answer would definitely be Jammin J St. Louis Auto Repair, a small family owned business that is rapidly growing. They offer a variety of services for car owners who are willing to upgrade, repair and replace everything related to their car.

Although they offer more than 10 services, custom exhausts are one of their specialties. In this article, we will talk about exhaust systems, its functions and all the types of custom exhaust available at Jammin J Auto..


Exhaust system has many functions that add to both to the beauty and the smooth operation of a car or truck. Primarily, the exhaust system contributes to the quietness of the engine and conceals and muffles the sound of the gasses that comes out from cylinder heads. Not only this, it is also the mechanical part that sucks the exhaust gasses and transmits them to the rear of the car, through this operation, the gasses and toxic fumes are prevented from leaking to the passenger compartment through the vents. Jammin J St. Louis Auto Repair have a vast knowledge about exhaust systems they understand the importance of a custom exhaust.


The most used exhaust systems often have one single exit pipe. They are often found on cars that are purchased directly from dealers. Even though they are not very cheap, they not very efficient. The cost of installing and manufacture are low which makes them the most commonly used. Luckily, exhaust systems can be upgraded.

An exhaust system is composed of several part, each has its own function damage to any one part can affect the overall performance of the system. At Jammin J St. Louis Auto Repair we have your best interest in mind, that is why we will offer you exhaust guidance and recommend the best types of custom exhausts to go with and here are a few:


The header-back exhaust system is often installed on cars in order to boost their efficiency and power, generally in cars or trucks that do not have a turbocharger. If you want to have a custom exhaust system that strengthens your overall car performance, make sure to tell the professionals at Jammin J St. Louis Auto Repair and they will know exactly what to do.


Unlike the Opposite Dual exhaust system, cat-back uses the catalytic converter to get the gasses to the open air through the final vent. It is basically a long pipe that links the muffler with the converter and pushes any gasses to the open air.

This is one of the best quality exhaust systems you can get your hands on because they don’t need too much pressure to release the gasses, this is due to the glass pack that plays a huge role in suppressing unnecessary pressure from the back.

Cat-back Custom exhaust system will also be the best option for you if you want to make the sounds of the engine heard.


This system is specifically designed for cars that drags cargo. Also referred to as the extreme dual exit exhaust, it can improve the filtering of your car thanks to the long pipes that are bent around the wheels.

This contributes significantly in lowering any residue that could be emitted when a heavy cargo is towed.


If you own a car with a turbocharger, a turbo-back Costume Exhaust System will be your best choice if you want to go with an aftermarket performance system. It is a high performance exhaust that is comparatively more expensive than the ones listed above but offers greater advantages. Aside from improving the overall performance of your car’s engine, they can also increase its efficiency.

Another feature of this Tubro exhaust system is its stylishness and the way it changes the sound of the engine. The installation of this exhaust system is a little bit difficult but the experts at Jammin J St. Louis Auto Repair have the experience and skill to deal with even the most complicated installations.