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With the introduction of so much technology, it isn’t easy to conceive what our future has in store. Consider this, in 1908, Ford Motors started rolling the first affordable automobile with two gears, and one had to check the fuel by dipping a stick inside the tank.

Hundred years later, and the introduction of self-driving cars in upon us, and literal ones at that. Recently, Google and before that, Tesla have ventured into the self-driving models with varying degrees of success. Electric cars have become a near reality, and it’s a matter of when rather than if that these will replace the gas vehicles.

Sure, when anyone looks at technology, one might see a lot of positives. Even with self-driving cars, the focus is to have a safer road experience. According to various researches, it is predicted that if the computers drive for humans, it will lead to a safer road environment.


Undoubtedly, the automobile sector has grown tremendously over the years, and thanks to the innovations, it has increased consumer safety and appeals to the customers. Here are some technologies that have revamped how drivers operate our vehicles.


Long been thought of as a security risk to make it available for the masses, the decision to make GPS more accessible has been nothing short of life-changing. Gone are the days when one would have to navigate the busy streets and the open countryside with large paper maps. It has made driving more manageable as a driver may concentrate on the road while the GPS navigates every turn.


As mentioned above, electric cars provide people with a glimpse into the future. Hybrid vehicles are quite common these days, and pure electric vehicles will be too once the logistics of charging stations are dealt with. These cars make for a safer environment with lower emissions and lesser noise pollution.


Technology has helped make cars safer with better materials and better safety screenings for safety. Technology also lets drivers anticipate collisions with forward-moving vehicles and alerting just in time. There are also programs that, if turned on, will automatically brake if they feel a crash is inevitable.


Connectivity is perhaps the most significant feature of modern technology that comes inbuilt our cars these days. It puts drivers in touch with the outside world with the push of a button.


Vehicles are becoming more complex, making it even more difficult to service them or analyze any faults. The good thing for those in St. Louis is the presence of Jammin J Auto, who do the best car repair in St. Louis.

Another drawback is that safety may get compromised by all the distractions due to the in-car communication system. It could lead to more accidents. Stay Safe!


Jammin J Auto, the best car repair in St. Loius, will make a drivers life a lot easier. Even with the great advancements in technology, Jammin J has got the latest tech to analyze most all makes and models vehicles and put even the most picky driver back on the road.

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