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Vehicle Purchase

Vehicle purchase St. Louis Auto Repairdigital check sheetAre you looking for a New (new to you anyway) Car?  Don’t know who to trust or where to start?  Jammin’ J Auto is here to help you!
We cannot tell you how awful it is for us to have to tell someone their brand new (used, but new to them) car needs thousands of dollars of work to pass inspection or has some sort of mysterious check engine light that may mean a new engine is the only fix.  Yes, it isn’t great for the customer, either, but we don’t like to be the bearer of bad news.  The fact is, there are dishonest people out there trying to sell cars that are duds.  We don’t want you to buy someone else’s Money Pit car and we want you to be able to enjoy that upgrade when you go out and select a new vehicle.
At Jammin’ J Auto, we offer a comprehensive 64 pt check out for an affordable $35.  This check will cover a test drive by a qualified technician, plugging in a scan tool that can read not only current codes but pull codes from history, and putting the vehicle up on a rack and inspecting all the important items.
Included are many of the standard safety items, windshield, wipers, headlights and turn signals as well as more important details that could end up costing thousands down the road.  The status of the brakes, suspension, shocks, struts, and steering components are all considered during this time.  We will measure the depth of the tread on all four tires and report the health of the tire as well, such as, is there uneven tread wear which may indicate that the wheels are out of alignment or does a wheel look bent like it has had impact with a curb.  All body gaps will be inspected for any indication that the vehicle has suffered a serious impact or parts have recently been replaced that show major damage.  A visual inspection of belts and hoses, and a look to see if tune up items look like they have been done per manufacturer recommendations.  For example, do the plug wires look original on a vehicle with over 100,000 miles?  These clues may give a good picture as to whether the maintenance has been performed regularly on the vehicle.  Another thing that we will look for is leaks, oil pans, transmission, valve covers, CV boots and more are all on the list of items that develop leaks over time and can become costly for you to have repaired and even more costly if they are allowed to leak.
The inspection that we do will be provided to you as a digital link that leads you to a website that shows pictures of the main inspection items, with good and bad points and an overall health indicator of the vehicle. We will provide a printed estimate of any major repair items that you can take with you to either ask the seller to repair or to encourage them to make price concessions.
All sellers, whether private sellers or dealerships, should have no problem with you having this inspection done.  We frequently have used car dealers bring cars in for inspection at the request of a prospective customer.  If a seller does not want to have the car inspected before selling it you, we recommend that you look for a different vehicle.
At Jammin’ J Auto, we want to help protect you from unscrupulous used car sellers and prevent you from acquiring a vehicle that can end up being a financial mistake in the long term.  Call us today to schedule an inspection for that car BEFORE you buy it!