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As a family owned small business, we know firsthand how hard it is to make ends meet in this economy. Now more than ever it is important to get the most from our money. That is also true with the upkeep of our automobiles. We understand that every dollar that you spend with us needs to be well spent. With the use of our comprehensive vehicle check (free with most of our services), our almost instant online review of the vehicle check including photographs and recommendations, and our courteous, one-on-one service, we want to partner with you to help you get the most from your dollar and your vehicle.

Our Services

Brake Service

Diagnosis and repair of braking problems including pads, rotors, Calipers, Hoses, Master Cylinders , and brake fluid flushes


Set it straight!  Promote better fuel economy and prevent tire wear with an alignment.  We can align passenger cars and light duty trucks.

Standard & Custom Exhaust

We are able to provide stock exhaust solutions and repair.  And, as a registered Magnaflow and Flowmaster Dealer, we can create customized exhaust for your vehicle.

Vehicle Pre Purchase Check

Know BEFORE you buy. With our 35 point check out, we will give you the good, the bad and the ugly of that new/used car.  Don't buy a car only to find out you will need to spend thousands more to get it to pass inspection! 

Fluid Exchanges and Flush Services

Keeping the essential services running in your vehicle requires all fluids be refreshed periodically.  Our services include Coolant, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Differential Fluid, Transfer Case Fluid, Engine Oil Treatments/ Cleaners and Induction Service


We are an Independent Tire Dealer, so you will receive personalized service and great deals on respected tire brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Toyo, Firestone, Continental, and General.  Tires purchased from us include free flat repair and free rotations and road hazard is available on select tires.

Auto Suspension

Is your car pulling to one side or do you feel every bump in the road? Do you hear clunking noises? We can fix it!

Steering Repair

Our team can diagnose and repair Power steering problems, including Rack & Pinion replacement, Power Steering Pumps and alignment

Tune Ups

From spark plugs and wires on up, we can handle your car tune up service needs

22 September 2020
Knowing how your car’s exhaust system works can actually help you attain maximum performance while helping to maintain your vehicle in top shape over the years.So, let’s talk about what an exhaust system is, what it does, and how an exhaust tune-up f...
03 April 2020
No matter what season it is now, if you live in St. Louis we all know it is cold one day, hot the next and if it isn’t leaves, it is flowers or gumballs – always something falling on your vehicle. I wanted to touch base with you on a problem we see t...
23 January 2020
It is indisputable that the brake system is one of the most critical safety systems, if not the most important, of all of the integral systems in a motor vehicle. Brakes are essential to user integrity and safety and are the primary means of protecti...
04 November 2019
Let's talk about air conditioning. Most of us in St. Louis don't give our air conditioning a second thought as long as it works when we turn it on.  But it's a complex and expensive system that we should spend time thinking about before it starts blo...



Here at Jammin' J Auto & Tire, we try our best to be the best!  Our technicians look over your vehicle and photograph potential problem areas and make this available to you, the customer, almost instantly as the check is completed.  A link like this one is provided to the customer via text or email and you are able to view the actual concerns without having to leave work, and being able to see the actual problem on the spot. Next, the customer is contacted to discuss your repair and give detailed, upfront pricing for all repair or maintenance needs.  We have found this system to be very effective in communicating the health of your vehicle which aids our goal of being your long term vehicle service provider by allowing us to help you plan for your vehicle's next needed service before it becomes an emergency.  Our system also automatically schedules your next oil maintenance service based upon your vehicle history and will text you a reminder days before your appointment. This service has made our loyal customers very happy. 


  •   We use quality parts and offer a Nationwide Warranty on our repairs.  Info
  •  . That is right - we can handle all of your custom exhaust needs from Mild to Wild!  At Jammin' J Auto & Tire, we can install and repair stock and custom exhaust on your vehicle.  Want to hear we can do for your vehicle? Listen Here!  We have performed many custom exhaust jobs for our customers over the years, so you can also listen here.
  •   We can help with Fleets.  Whether you self-manage or go through a company like Enterprise or Mike Albert Leasing, we can work with you as we are already  an approved vendor for Enterprise Fleet Management, as well as a couple other Fleet Management companies.
  •   Committed to maintaining vehicles through high quality automotive maintenance services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, drive line and climate control systems. Info
  •   Where you'll receive personalized service and great deals on respected tire brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Toyo, Firestone, Continental, and General. Info
  •   The Midwest Auto Care Alliance was founded on the principle that by joining together we can advance the common interests of all our members. We take our mission very seriously: “Advancing professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation, and member services.” Info

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• Air Conditioning 
• Alignments 
• Alternators 
• Batteries 
• Brakes 
• Belts & Hoses 
• Check Engine Lights 
• Clutches 

• Diagnostics 
• Drive Axle Service
• Electrical Analysis & Repair
• Engine Repair
• Exhaust & Mufflers 
• Universal Joints
• Wheel Bearings 
• Oil Changes 

• New Tires 
• Radiators 
• Starters 
• Starting & Charging System 
Suspension & Steering 
• Transmissions 
• Tune Ups
• Tire Repair 
   Missouri State Inspections

• Vehicle Purchase Checkouts
• Custom exhaust
• Welding
• Fuel Filters
• Power Steering Service
• Cooling System Service
• Brake Fluid Flushes
• Fuel Induction flushes




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