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Signs that you need to find a brake service repair shop for your vehicle often fall into one of two categories: you brakes are making noise or you are feeling a pulsation in the brake pedal when braking. Let’s start with the noise.

Some brake pads have a built in brake wear indicator that will make a chirp or soft squeal (ok, sometimes it is more of a screech). There is a small piece of metal that rubs on your brake rotor when the brake pads are worn to the point that you need to take them in to the brake service shop to be inspected and possibly replaced. When you hear the noise, there will still be enough brake pad left to enable you to stop safely, but, it will give you time to get them repaired at your automotive repair facility.

Drivers who ignore the small chirp find that the sound changes to a grinding noise. Now things can become more serious. This grinding noise means that the friction materials on your brake pads are worn away and metal parts of the brake are grinding against the rotor when you press on the brakes. This metal-on-metal noise means that you are damaging the rotor and the ability of your vehicle to stop safely has been impaired.

Pedal pulsation is another symptom you may notice. When your rotor surface is not even, it pushes against the brake pads unevenly as you apply the brakes. There could be a number of reasons for this. Most times, the brake rotor over time has been exposed to excessive heat and cold, which causes the rotor to warp but it can also be caused by repeatedly replacing brake pads without servicing the rotor. This uneven mating of the brake pad and the rotor when braking means less contact and it will increase braking distance. Rotors must either be replaced or machined when pads are replaced. One of our technicians need to check the brakes thoroughly and will recommend any steps necessary to correct the issue.

Our team at Jammin’ J Automotive in St. Louis can determine the cause of the noises and the pulsations that you are feeling when braking and remedy the problem.

At Jammin J Automotive, we are able to do what is called machine matching of the brake rotors. Our equipment machines the rotor while still on the vehicle and literally matches it to the wheel bearing and hub; the result is a beautiful new braking surface which is balanced to the vehicles rotating parts associated with that wheel’s braking system which equals safe and very smooth braking. We machine match all new and existing brake rotors to ensure the best braking performance possible on every brake service we perform.

A regular brake inspection is on every vehicle’s recommended list and is included in most of our services at no extra charge to you. Ask your friendly and knowledgeable Jammin’ J Automotive service advisor if it’s time for brake inspection.

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