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This brake rotor is toast! Please observe the 1/4 inch ledge on the outer edge of this brake rotor, it’s not supposed to be there. This car came in for a flat repair only. When we alerted the customer and showed them just how dangerous these brakes were, they claimed to have heard no noise when braking or experienced any other symptoms. These brake pads were gone, meaning that the brake pad backing plate was and has been grinding into the rotor for quite some time which HAD to make a grinding sound. This is not only a costly situation but also potentially a dangerous one as well.

Vehicle Manufacturers employ teams of very smart engineers to design and build the brakes for your car and they have in mind that the vehicle must stop in the shortest distance possible.  Any time we change the friction coefficient (use the wrong equipment or let our brake pads wear off completely) we increase the stopping distance which means that in a panic stop it could mean the difference of just stopping short of the vehicle (or kid in the street) in front of you or plowing into it.

I recently read a magazine article that said it should be illegal to put cheapo brakes on a car, they should be of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equivalent or better. Brakes are the #1 safety item on a vehicle in my opinion! Here at Tire Brokers we ALWAYS do them right, we use the best brake pads we can find and we always inspect your rotors and recommend replacement wth your safety in mind. This ensures the vehicle stops the way the engineers designed it to as well as you will get quality brakes that will last. It is great when we can save someone money, but NEVER at the expense of safety. Always know what the difference is when getting pricing on brakes.  All brake parts are NOT the same.  You and your family’s safety is never worth taking a gamble on inferior parts.

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