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Cooling System Service

Cooling System Service St. Louis Auto Repairexposed radiator
Keeping your vehicle running smoothly in all temperatures will depend greatly on the way that your Cooling System is functioning.  A Cooling System is essential to keeping your engine at the correct temperature so that not only does it stay running, but also so that the components involved are not out of alignment due to drastic temperature changes. A liquid cooling system circulates a combination of water and coolant (antifreeze) through the water jackets in the engine’s cylinder block and the cylinder head.  The coolant collects excess heat on metal parts and carries this heat away from the engine.  This system has more precise control of operating temperature, less variation in temperature, reduced exhaust emissions and improved heater operation to warm passengers.
When this system is compromised either there can be several symptoms that start to present such as an increase in running temperature, hose failure, leaks and even difficulty starting. Most people believe that the biggest reason to get their coolant flushed is because of freezing temperatures. While that can be a concern, here in the greater St Louis area we don’t see -35 degrees consistently for long periods of time.  When mixed correctly (50/50 water and antifreeze) it will go down to -35 degrees while the wrong mixture can freeze over the course of a day or two.
The biggest reason for antifreeze flushing here in the St. Louis area is because of the acidity of the coolant. Acidity is a concern because the vehicle uses the engine block as an electrical ground. As the coolant becomes acidic it starts to conduct electricity and does a process called electrolysis, which actually starts causing corrosion that is electrically charged and eats the engine from the inside.
At Jammin’ J Auto, our trained technicians will visually inspect the cooling system and test the coolant acidity levels to determine if your cooling system requires a Coolant System Service.  During this service, your vehicle will be hooked up to a Coolant flush machine that will not only remove the contaminated coolant, but it will clean the debris, remove rust, scale and sludge from cooling system fins, clean rust from coolant lines and replenish the depleted coolant additives. This is not just a draining of the old coolant and refill with new, but instead a thorough cleaning and conditioning of the entire cooling system, removing debris and contaminants and replacing with the correct mixture to help your vehicle perform at its best.
When performed at regular intervals, this service will provide your vehicle with better cooling system function, longer coolant life, increased vehicle performance and less chance of overheating.  Call our Service Writer at Jammin’ J Auto today to get more details on this service and ask about getting 6 months of complimentary roadside assistance that is available through BG Registered Distributors like Jammin’ J Auto.