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Prepping Your Car For The Upcoming Winter With Jammin’ J Auto

Winter can be an extremely testing time for cars and drivers alike. A lot of common winter-specific problems, such as frozen doors, dead batteries, corrosion caused by increased humidity, lower air pressure in your tires, unresponsive spark plugs, etc., are forgotten about throughout the rest of the year.

Therefore, preparing your car in advance for the winter months can save you money and a great deal of grief. Thankfully, here at Jammin’ J Auto, St. Louis’ premiere Auto Suspension & Power Steering repair shop, we can take care of your vehicle’s pre-winter tune-up and save you money at the same time.

Our team of expert techs can take a quick look at your car, and in a matter of minutes come up with a list of issues that, if taken care of in advance of the winter months, will make your life easier.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, so take a look at the list below and prep your car for this upcoming winter.



During the winter months, there is increased precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, and snow, which significantly increases your vehicle’s brake time, your risk of losing control of your vehicle, and of having a dangerous accident. So, having safe tires, with substantial tread should be one of your top priorities when thinking of prepping your vehicle for the winter months.

New tires will decrease your vehicle’s brake time in the winter months and increase your safety while on the slippery roads.

Swing by Jammin’ J Auto, St Louis’ top brake service shop, and ask about getting some proper tires for this winter.



Your car battery is one of the most important components in it; after all, it is responsible for starting the engine. When the temperature drops, the possibility of your battery malfunctioning increases substantially to the point where your vehicle starting normally won’t be a reliable event.

This is why all experts recommend getting your car battery checked at least twice a year, especially after its third year of use. Here at Jammin J Auto, we can do a thorough check any time of not only the battery, but the entire starting and charging system.  Doing special checks before the  winter months can only help you prevent being stranded.

So bring your car around in the fall, a few weeks before winter, and we’ll do a specialized stress test using our top of the line diagnostic equipment.



Why would you need to check your shock absorbers before the winter.

Your vehicle’s shock absorbers control its stability and affect its braking distance. Since winter months roads tend to be wetter, your car’s stability and braking distance become significantly more important.

For example, bad shock absorbers can decrease your car’s stability by up to 40% on a curve, and increase your braking distance by up to 30% in an emergency braking situation.

Shock absorber efficiency will begin to decline after about 50,000 miles, but getting them checked prior to the winter season is a good idea regardless of the mileage on your car.

The folks at Jammin J Auto, St Louis’ leading experts in auto suspension repair, can check your shock absorbers and repair or replace them if necessary.

Winter is coming, and so are a lot of headaches if you keep putting off properly prepping your car for the cold days ahead.